Wood Violins Instrument Donations

With slashed budgets for music and the arts becoming an increasing trend in our country, we’re hearing from more and more orchestra directors who are having trouble getting approval for even the smallest supplies for their students., let alone larger purchases such as instruments.

The Mark Wood Music Foundation aims to help these educators with:

  • Donations of instruments, strings, bows, amps, effects pedals, and more; items that schools can keep or use for their own fundraising efforts.
  • Raffle opportunities with our Stingray SV Series, which has generated between $2,000 – $3,000 for every school we work with!
  • The creation of rental programs where the schools own the instruments and accessories and rent them to the students, with funds from the rentals going back into the school’s music programs.

Your generous donation will go a long way towards keeping orchestra programs well stocked with the kind of tools students need to stay engaged and inspired!

About Wood Violins

Created by Mark Wood as a way to inspire string players to express themselves more fully, Wood Violins invites students to explore the world and technology of electric strings. Having a high quality instrument that inspires the player provides them with a gateway to their future as musicians and increases the scope of what they’re capable of achieving.

Find out more about the revolutionary designs and concepts of Wood Violins by visiting the website – woodviolins.com