Electrify Your Symphony Music Program

What is Electrify Your Symphony (EYS)?

EYS offers music education programs that focus on alternative styles, improvisation, and self-expression through contemporary music; providing students with unparalleled, transformative learning opportunities. The intensive experience boosts student self-esteem and motivation, increases school-wide, family and community engagement, and helps raise money for participating schools.

EYS seeks to awaken student musicians to their highest potential, opening them up to the adventure of music. EYS transforms quiet young musicians into expressive people who can’t wait to learn. Imagine a fifteen year old rushing to music class because they can’t wait to play or sing. Imagine an energized concert hall buzzing with anticipation for music played by these students. EYS makes this happen!

EYS visits upwards of 75 schools per year and there is a waiting list of schools wanting to participate. The organization has been featured on The Today Show, the CBS Evening News, and other media outlets. But for Wood it’s all about the students. “We know that music has the power to change lives and with EYS, I have the opportunity to witness that. You give a quiet student permission to share their energy with the world and they become a rock star before your eyes.” Wood continues, “It’s not about turning students into professional musicians –though if that’s the path they choose, great. It’s about empowering them to dream big, take chances and break down barriers so that they can achieve success in any field.”

Celebrating over 2 decades of elevating music programs at schools and universities across the nation, the premise is simple. Over the span of a typical program (tailored completely to the needs of the music director), EYS Artist Mentors coach students to express themselves fully through their music and encourage them to let the world know who they really are. Visits range in size from school-centric events to large-scale extravaganzas that include music students from the entire school district. In its larger form, the final concert events have included upwards of 3,000 kids onstage performing in front of 15,000+ people.

Visit the EYS website at www.electrifyyoursymphony.com