The great Celine Dion adds her beautiful voice of support in this lovely video message:

Video messages of support from Steve Vai, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Michael Lang (creator of Woodstock), Dee Snider, and Cia Toscanini (Vice President of Concert Music, ASCAP – the granddaughter of esteemed conductor Arturo Toscanini):

Doug Wilson“Schools with vibrant orchestra programs tend to have higher math and science scores than schools that don’t. To watch the joy in our students’ faces while they interact with Mark is all I need to pledge my commitment to continue this program.”

Dr. Douglas Wilson
Superintendent, Marana School District in Arizona




“In this age where a child’s entire academic career can be fated by a single numeric value on a standardized test, students are desperately seeking out their identity and place in life. For many, the struggle to be seen and valued as an individual is enormous. This is especially true of those students who find themselves deemed ‘unusual,’ ‘abnormal,’ or ‘deviant’ when the reality is that they could be the true movers and shakers of our future. Mark Wood, Laura Kaye, and Elijah Wood have discovered this untapped resource and they are determined to do whatever it takes to give these kids their moment to shine. They do more than teach kids how to put on a good concert. They empower students to pursue their passions while striving for excellence. They encourage students to embrace both the musical heritage bequeathed to us by Bach and Mozart and the trailblazing genius of Aerosmith and Hendrix. They challenge youth to push through their fears, find their voices and explore the possibilities laid out before them. If you want to truly make an impact on our future, these are the people who will show you how to make it happen.”

Karen Hooper
Orchestra Director

Larry Weiss“I was able to sit in and watch Mark work with the kids at our school. I witnessed an unprecedented transformation in attitude and energy. Mark helped these kids connect with the joy of playing and performing that was perhaps always inside, but never before so completely expressed. – almost as though they were set free for the first time. When I turned to look at the audience, I saw parents with tears of pride for their children. One parent told me later that her daughter fell asleep that night – still holding one of Mark’s autographed posters. It was almost a year ago, yet I still hear people thanking us for bringing Mark Wood to our school. He left a permanent, positive impact on our kids.”

Lawrence Weiss
Performing Artist
Private studio strings teacher for 23 years
Member, American String Teachers Association
Past President, Chariers Valley Orchestra and Jazz Band Boosters
President, Young Musicians Instrument Fund
Treasurer, Pittsburgh Historical Music Society

“If any of you have an opportunity to participate in an event where Mark will be playing, conducting, or teaching, don’t stop and think about it. DO IT. I’m a professional musician, and my daughter had this opportunity to play in a group, where Mark came in to conduct. It was, without a doubt, the best experience of her life. She pushed herself, and played beyond her abilities. That’s the kind of… talent Mark is as a teacher and a mentor. He brings out the best in kids. He’s probably the most generous, down-to-Earth guy you’d want to meet, which is quite a bit different from what you’d expect from a guy with the pedigree, chops, and resume he’s got. If you wanna see somebody light a fire under a bunch of students and see them come home absolutely excited about music, get them into a program with Mark Wood. You will NOT regret it.”

Brad Kozak

“Strings beyond all other sounds travel to the heart and soul first; an experience that extends life and sends minds over the rainbow. Thank you for thinking outside the box and then going there with our children.”

Jack Haag
Principal, New Albany School