Stingrays 4 Rockn’ Stringz

GOAL: To raise $4,000, which will provide enough Stingray electric violins, amplifiers, and effects pedals for every participating student in the Rockn’ Stringz youth ensemble.

Mark Wood poses with Rockn’ Stringz at the 2015 TMEA convention.

In our travels, we meet some pretty amazing people who are doing some pretty amazing things […]

ASCAP Foundation and D’Addario Orchestral Donate Scholarships to MRWOC

We’re excited to announce that, for the 2nd year in a row, The ASCAP Foundation has generously donated 3 full scholarships (including travel expenses) to Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp this summer (July 12-19, 2015 in Olathe, KS). Last year, they sponsored 3 amazingly talented and deserving young singer/songwriters and composers.

In addition, D’Addario Orchestral, […]

Congratulations to our MWROC Scholarship Winners

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to offer 4 scholarships to this year’s Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC) in Olathe, KS.

Plus, through a grant from The ASCAP Foundation, 3 additional students were awarded full tuition scholarships, including all travel-related expenses.

CONGRATULATIONS and BRAVO to all of these exceptionally talented young musicians, […]

Celine Dion Adds Her Beautiful Voice of Support to The Mark Wood Electrify Your Music Foundation

There have been many wonderful things that have happened in Mark Wood’s expansive career, but his experiences working with Celine Dion (both as her string arranger and on tour) are among his most cherished.

When Celine heard about Mark’s endeavors with The Mark Wood Electrify Your Music Foundation, she unhesitatingly shared her thoughts in this […]

The ASCAP Foundation Grants Scholarships to Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp

We are honored to announce that The ASCAP Foundation has generously awarded us a grant that will provide 3 full scholarships (including travel expenses) to Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp (MWROC), to be held from July 13-19, 2014 in Olathe, KS.

We could not be more thrilled or more grateful, and we will absolutely keep […]

Thanksgiving Gift for Young Violist

Thanksgiving is extra special this year for violist Jachai Wilmont from Georgia, whose prized viola was recently stolen. Mark met Jachai earlier this year at an Electrify Your Strings program and recognized his talent immediately. “He is filled with positive energy and optimism and it comes out every time he plays. When I heard his […]

5-Borough Youth Rock Symphony

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in the 5-Borough Youth Rock Symphony to launch the Electrify Your Music Foundation in April, 2013 – the close to 300 fantastic young musicians who gave the performance their all; our Kickstarter supporters whose generous donations helped us produce the event; […]

Thank you to D’Addario Bowed

The MWM Foundation wishes to thank D’Addario Bowed for being our very first contributor at the highest level for two years in a row. Their tremendous support of our Electrify Your Strings! program has taken many forms, including donations of $1,000 worth of strings and accessories to over 100 schools, and counting – that’s well […]

Music students receive Mark Wood music scholarships thanks to EYS

Congratulations to Byrnes High School students – Matthew Wyatt, Caitlin Tarver, Sarah Workman, and Caitlin Lejeune – who received a Mark Wood Music Scholarship to major or minor in music! The scholarship was funded solely from ticket sales to Mark’s recent concert at the school and raffle proceeds from the Stingray SV4 that we donated. […]