Stingrays 4 Rockn’ Stringz

GOAL: To raise $4,000, which will provide enough Stingray electric violins, amplifiers, and effects pedals for every participating student in the Rockn’ Stringz youth ensemble.


Mark Wood with Rockn' Stringz at the 2015 TMEA convention.

Mark Wood poses with Rockn’ Stringz at the 2015 TMEA convention.

In our travels, we meet some pretty amazing people who are doing some pretty amazing things for their students…

One of these very special people is Orchestra Director Heather Gonzalez from Rayburn Middle School in San Antonio, Texas.

Heather Gonzalez with Rockn' Stringz and Mark Wood at our booth at TMEA

Heather Gonzalez with Rockn’ Stringz and Mark Wood at our booth at TMEA

Mark Wood first started working with Heather in 2012 at one of his Electrify Your Strings programs and since that time, she was inspired to create Rockn’ Stringz, an after school ensemble made up of Rayburn Orchestra members.

Heather’s description of Rockn’ Stringz completely embodies the vision of our foundation: “These students not only polish their playing chops, but get to work on aspects of performance that are not addressed in a typical orchestral setting. The use of choreography, singing, and popular music has allowed these students to blossom into true performers. Just watching these students perform you can see and feel the joy they find through their music. This type of ensemble has allowed these students to tap into self-confidence that many did not know they had, therefore building not only better musicians but stronger more confident community members.”

With your help, ROCKN’ STRINGZ can be the
World’s First All-Stingray Electric Youth Rock Orchestra

While Heather has been able to acquire several Stingray electric violins through her school district, it is a constant struggle to get funding to fully support her vision of a unified experience for her students. The Mark Wood Electrify Your Music Foundation is dedicated to providing 8 additional Stingray electric violins plus amps and effects pedals to Rockn’ Stringz so they can be the world’s first All Stingray Electric Youth Rock Orchestra but we can’t do it without YOU.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help this
great group of young musicians
follow their dreams and expand their musical horizons.
Any amount will help!

The Mark Wood Electrify Your Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Our mission is to change children’s lives by inspiring creative, innovative, and confident thinking; connecting imagination and intellect through the power of music.

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